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Automotive Locksmith Services

We’re Your Local Auto Locksmith Of Choice

Getting locked out of your car, truck or van is a frustrating experience, no matter who you are or how many times this has happened to you. Justin’s Lock & Key is a mobile service and we will have a highly trained and licensed car locksmith meet you in your driveway or parking lot to assist you! We handle all types of automotive lock and key services including car key programming and more. Just call us today to find out more.

Fast Dispatch Service

When you’re locked out of your own car, you don’t have time to stand in the parking lot and wait for a slow-moving car locksmith. You want to get back into your car and get to work or come home as soon as you can. That’s why Justin’s Lock & Key has experienced car locksmiths on call and ready to meet you just about anywhere in the Brunswick-St. Mary’s area.

When we get out to you, our licensed, certified and insured mobile locksmith can get you back in your car and back on the road fast. We can also grind you a spare key so you have extras in case of a future lockout. We can even reprogram your existing car remote or program a handy spare for you.

Scheduled Car Locksmith Service

Car locksmiths don’t just respond to lock-out situations–more often, our customers come to us to grind duplicates and fix a problem with their electronic car remotes. We can also re-key the exterior door locks, trunk lock, and ignition locks as you need them done. Most cars today use the same key for the glove compartment as they do for the ignition. But what if you only have the one key and you need to get into the compartment without stopping the car?


Justin’s Lock & Key can grind you a spare for the glove compartment, or we can change the lock so you don’t have to use the ignition key while the vehicle is in motion. We can also replace the tumblers in most automotive locks, which can be a real cost-saver for a lot of car owners.

Car Locksmiths in Brunswick and St. Mary’s, GA

If you have your car anywhere in the Brunswick-St. Mary’s, GA, area — or if you’re just passing through and get locked out in the parking lot of a diner on I-95, we’re in the area to help you. Give (912) 674-1905 a call to schedule car locksmith services with Justin, a USMC vet who’s got years of experience helping local people with their automotive, residential and commercial locks.


Justin’s Lock & Key serves the entire Camden County area of southeastern Georgia, and all the work we do is covered by our personal guarantee of great service. Call us up today at (912) 674-1905 and tell us how we can help you. We offer free consultations over the phone with no obligation.


Got this happy customer back in her car after losing her keys, and also made her some spares.


Replaced the ignition lock in this SUV.

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