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Car Key Replacement

Need New Keys For Your Car, Van, Truck, or Motorcycle? We Can Help.

Replacing lost car keys these days isn’t as easy as it was in the past. Since the advent of push-to-start vehicles, many car keys aren’t actually keys in the traditional sense at all, but rather key fobs. This means that they cannot simply be re-cut like other keys; they have to be programmed to work with your specific vehicle.

If you are simply looking to have a spare car key made, the duplication process is relatively simple. We can create a new key fob for you and sync it with your vehicle. This way, you’ll have a backup ready to go if your current car key gets lost or stops working. If you have lost your car keys, on the other hand, you may wish to have the computer reprogrammed with a new key instead of opting for a straight car key replacement. This will prevent anyone from gaining access to your vehicle using your old key.

Automotive Locksmith Services You Can Count On

Here at Justin’s Lock & Key, we provide expert locksmith services in St. Mary’s and Brunswick, GA. We know how tough it can be to get around when you have lost your car keys, so we’ll come to you. Our mobile locksmith service can handle just about any task you need, including lost key replacement. We utilize the latest key cutting and programming technology to get the job done efficiently, accurately, and affordably.


We are capable of creating replacement keys for vehicles from a variety of manufacturers, including:

  • Honda

  • Toyota

  • Nissan

  • Ford

  • GM

  • Mazda

  • BMW

  • Lexus

  • And many more, including motorcycles!

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. This way, you can have confidence that you have chosen a reputable, reliable locksmith who prioritizes your safety and security. Our insurance protects you against any damage to your vehicle as well, though it is unlikely that it will sustain any damage in the car key replacement process.

Justin has car key cutting equipment in his van so he can make you new keys right on the spot.


Get Your New Car Keys Today

Don’t wait until you lose your keys to have a backup transponder made. Not only is this more difficult, but the car key replacement cost tends to be higher when you don’t have a key to copy as well. Instead, get a replacement transponder made before you need it so that you’ll have it at the ready in your time of need.

We invite you to stop by one of our shops or call in our mobile locksmith to have duplicate car keys made for your vehicle. Our friendly associates are always happy to help and will answer any questions you have about the key duplication process, whether you have an existing key or not. We’ll go over all of the costs with you before we get started so that you know exactly what to expect. Come on down and see us today, or give us a call to set up an appointment.

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