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Commercial Locksmith Services

We’re Your Full-Service Commercial Locksmith

Keeping your inventory and equipment safe is part of running a successful business. That takes a great commercial locksmith who can set your place up with access systems, locking mechanisms, secure entry points and more. Justin’s Lock & Key is a commercial locksmith serving the Brunswick and St. Mary’s, GA, area.

Office and Workshop Door Hardware

Security for your workplace starts at the front door, and there’s no simpler way to secure those doors than with a professionally installed deadbolt. Commercial deadbolts can be installed in solid metal and wooden doors, where they work like the deadbolts in your house, or they can lock the lever mechanisms of glass-fronted lobby doors.

The deadbolts we install for southeast Georgia businesses are all made from high-quality metal components that resist pressure and outside attempts to force them open. Our certified, registered and insured locksmiths can fit almost any door in your office or shop with a sturdy deadbolt that can be locked at closing time and keep your space secure even if there’s no security present overnight.

Door Closers and Master Key Systems

A lot of businesses ask us to install door closers and set up master key systems for them. We inspect the single- and double-doors you need to stay closed during business hours and then, calling on years of experience in the field, we order the type of hardware that works best for your entryway. We have experience installing all types of door closers, and you have your pick of types:

  • Traditional pneumatic

  • Modern pneumatic closers, with or without covers

  • Spring-based closers

  • Concealed in-door closers

  • Concealed in-frame closers

  • Floor-mounted closers

We also offer master key systems that give you total access to the entire property. This can be helpful for business owners who need one-key access to every part of their property, as well as for companies with a night shift or on-site supervisor who might need to get into different parts of the building without calling for a manager to come in. We guarantee the work we do for your business, and out master key systems can save you a world of time and trouble by giving you total control over access with just a single key.

Repaired a commercial-grade deadbolt and door handle at a local business.


Padlocks and Panic Devices

Outside areas, especially garages and sheds, need padlocks to keep tools and surplus inventory safe. We have a range of padlocks, from traditional combination-dial locks and locks you can secure with a key, to electronic locks and more sophisticated units to keep your exterior doors and tool cases closed. Our locks are made from heavy-duty steel that’s ideal for outdoor use and that can last for years.

Justin’s Lock & Key is a local business locksmith serving the southeastern Georgia communities of Brunswick and St. Mary’s. We offer honest pricing and a rock-solid guarantee on all our work. Call (912) 674-1905 to learn more about what we can do to keep your business safe.

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