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Key Fobs

We Can Repair, Replace, or Reprogram Any Car Key Fob

Do you drive a newer car, light-duty truck, or van? If so, there’s a good chance that your vehicle relies on a key fob rather than a traditional metal key, and you have an onboard push-to-start ignition system. This type of keyless ignition was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1998, and it’s now become a standard feature on most new domestic and imported vehicles.

Here at Justin’s Lock and Key, we have the high-tech equipment and specialized training it takes to provide drivers in St. Marys and Brunswick with replacement key fobs, proximity fobs, and keyless remotes—all at a price that’s significantly lower than what your local dealership charges.

How Proximity Fobs Work

Also known as prox fobs or car remote fobs, proximity fobs give you both keyless access to your vehicle and control over keyless ignitions. Your key fob transmits short-range radio waves to a receiver inside your car, allowing you to unlock, lock, and start your vehicle while leaving your smart key inside your pocket or purse.


When purchased directly from a dealership, you can expect to pay upwards of $800 per fob for a new model.

Don’t Get Stuck Without A Spare Key Fob

Did you know that most new cars that have keyless ignitions come standard with just a single key fob? Gone are the days when car dealers would provide a few spare keys along with the purchase of a new car, which means that if your key fob is lost, you’ll be left stranded.

Justin programmed 2 new fobs for this 2013 Infiniti QX56.


If you don’t like the idea of having only one prox fob for your vehicle, call us here at Justin’s Lock and Key. We can provide you with extra keyless remotes so you won’t have to worry about what could happen if you lose your only fob, or if you need to share your vehicle with your spouse, kids, or co-workers.

Mobile Key Fob Replacement in St. Marys and Brunswick, GA

Whether you’ve lost the only key fob you have for your vehicle, your car remote fob isn’t working correctly, or you’d like a few extra proximity fobs for your late-model vehicle, give us a call here at Justin’s Lock and Key.

Our fully licensed, registered, and insured mobile auto locksmith can create a new key fob for any keyless ignitions, saving you the high cost and hassle of trying to buy keyless remotes through your local dealership.

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